Our company was established as a small workshop in 1967, in the first establishment years it was continuing to its manufacturing activities through performing grey casting. In 1972, it added processing unit beside casting unit.

Today, our company has been continued to its activities in 10000 m² closed area located in Konya Organized Industry Zone. Casting unit composes 2500 m² indoor area. Also, it has 2000 m² area processing unit. Our casting unit produces grey (GG) and nodular cast iron (GGG) parts and it gives services to all industry branches.


Our sand casting process can successfully cast small to medium serial items in a wide variaty of alloys. We individual castings in our hand-moulding shop and use our boxless, cold-resin block moulding plant or automatic core block moulding machine for large production runs.


Our CNC machining processes include all types of turning, drilling, milling, and more. Our full variety of lathes and fixturing options enables us to meet your unique requirements. We also do in-house fixturing and tooling and have 3, 4 and 5-axis machinery. All of our equipments are of the highest quality and they all feature the most technologically advanced capabilities.


Packaging must reflect the quality of the product and the motto of a company is to get the product off the shelf with the help of sleek packaging.


We are enhancing our quality-assurance system for parts produced using the latest measurement and testing equipment. Hardness tester Used in periodic testing of the hardness of the parts we produce. Also used to verify whether the specified hardness is secured before and after heat treatment. 3D measurement equipment Used to measure whether the parts we produce conform to customers’ designs. Also used to output tables of measurement data.